PCC Minutes 20/11/2013

St John the Baptist, Harringworth (Summary of minutes) 

A meeting of the PCC was held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 20th November 2013 at Ashcroft, Gretton Road, Harringworth.

The Reverend Jane Baxter was in the Chair

Matters Arising:

The Remembrance Sunday service was the best attended in the group of parishes and ran very smoothly. There will be a review and discussion next September in time for the service next year.

Archdeacon’s visit: There had been a visit from John Tomalin instead of the Archdeacon.

Correspondence: There was communication from Paul Middleton, the DAC Secretary. There is to be a new process to obtaining a faculty from January 2014.

Finance: Mr Gray gave the figures to date. These followed much the same as the previous year. There has been a further donation towards the kitchen & toilet facilities.

Electricity costs are set to increase.

The increase in repairs was due to replacement of drainage pipes.

There was a payment to the British Legion.

The architect’s fees could be 10-15% of total costs for the kitchen and toilet but it was hard to ascertain.

Mr Saunders suggested that a previous donation (not meant for the new kitchen or toilet) might possibly be used towards a sound/loop system. This will need looking into. Mr Benney also suggested repairing the sticking organ note.

Interior: The architect is preparing the specification for the kitchen & toilet project and then approval by the DAC will be sought. A Faculty must also be obtained. Total costs for fund-raising will not be known yet.

After the Quinquennial inspection last year, work that has been necessary has been done.

Exterior: The vegetation in the spire is due to be removed. Unfortunately it cannot be the cheapest way.

The gravel has been stamped down and cleaned on the footpath beside the church leading to the graveyard extension. This was carried out by the Parish Council.

Reverend Baxter’s notices:  The Chancel Repairs liability and Land Registry paperwork is proceeding.

Revd Baxter thought it would be a good idea to join with Uppingham Parish church at 10.30am on 19th January for a special service incorporating churches together. Jane would be presiding. It was agreed to cancel Evensong in Harringworth that day in favour of the joint morning service.

The Benefice has a new Reader, Michael Ellard,

Future Events


Carol-singing around the village will be on Tuesday 17th December. All welcome. Meet at the church at 6pm. There will be refreshments afterwards.

There will be a concert in church on 18th December with refreshments. Donations to Rutland Food Bank and Songbound a music charity that helps children in India.

Mrs Riley will organise flowers on 21st   December.

The Carol Service will be at 4pm on Sunday 22nd December. It will include a Christingle element. There will be refreshments afterwards. Strong singers are invited to sing from the choir stalls. The collections will go to The Philippines disaster fund.

There will be a service in the Benefice on 29th December. It is a 5th Sunday.

On 5th January there will be a Family Service with a Baptism in Harringworth.

19th January: joint service with the Uppingham group in Uppingham Parish Church at 10.30am.

Health & Safety: All need to be vigilant at the Carol Service as children will have candles.

Any Other Business: Mr Saunders asked what the Café church service at Bisbrooke was like. Revd Baxter explained that it was a family service with hymns and songs on a computer screen and recorded music.

Date of Next Meeting: Monday 17th March 2014 at Waterfield House, Gretton Road, Harringworth, at 7.30pm