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What is Streetlife?

Streetlife is a British social network for local communities.

They have a simple aim: to help people make the most of where they live by connecting with their neighbours and sharing practical information, advice and resources.

How does Streetlife work?

You sign up with your postcode and email address; you are then  automatically connected with Streetlife users in your local area.

You can post messages, events, polls and pictures, and locals can respond. You are also posted on the discussions happening in your local area.

What are the main uses of Streetlife?

Streetlife is a place for neighbours to discuss any local issue they care about.

Today, over 600,000 people in over 2,600 communities across Britain are using the site to:

  • discuss nearby news, crime, planning proposals and public services
  • find locals with common interests, organise and attend social groups and events
  • share belongings and skills with neighbours, from hedge-trimmers to computing tips
  • recommend and discover local businesses and tradespeople
  • promote, campaign and volunteer for community projects and local causes

Who is Streetlife for?

Streetlife is a place for every member of the community – individuals and organisations – to discover and discuss local issues and initiatives.

The one thing all Streetlife users have in common is that they care about their local area, and want to build a better connected community.


Find out more about Streetlife

To find out more about Streetlife or to join, please visit: