Gretton Art Group

Gretton Art Group meet every Monday afternoon at Gretton Village Hall in Kirby Road from 1.30pm to 4.00pm with painting and drawing materials available along with a large library of books for inspection.

Gretton Art Group have held exhibitions at Gretton Village hall (held during the St James Church Flower Festival weekend) in Gretton Surgery and the Corby branch of the Market Harborough building society.They demonstrated the style,subject and materials resulting from our teacher Annie Tappenden who encourages and guides members

individuality with the criterion we should enjoy the creative process.Even if you were discouraged by your school or other expierences why not rekindle your creativity by coming to Gretton Art Group.Sessions cost £8.00 with no obligation to attend every week and we look forward to welcoming new members.For further particulars please telephone 01536 770 302.