The River Welland in Winter

The Walking Group

Harringworth has an active walking group who meet on Wednesdays and an ambling group. Contact details are given in the following overview.

The Wednesday walks were started by the late John Beardsley in 1992 and have continued  uninterrupted since then.  It is a loose association of friends who  walk and each carries his/her own liability.

The walks are roughly five miles/two hours.  They start at  10.20am from the point of departure.  Members volunteer to lead.  Angela Pollard ( phone 01780 720589) advises by e-mail the leader and the start location.  We start from over 30 different villages each year.

For the past couple of years average attendance has been 18 people with a maximum of 30 and a minimum of six.  20 people can mean quite a number of cars at the start point and so most will begin and end at a pub, both for parking convenience and refreshment at the end.  There is a voluntary donation of 50p which accumulates for charitable purposes.  Each year £800 or so is donated.  This was started by John Beardsley in 1999 and over £10,000 has been donated, a fine memorial for a much missed friend.

There is also an ambling group, who walk two to three miles (1-1 1/2 hours.  Judith Jenkinson ( phone 747 516) advises the walks by e-mail.  The average numbers walking are 10-12.  Parking is less of a problem so start points rarely use pubs but efforts are made to find coffee stops.