The village fete

The Appeals Fund

Harringworth and Shotley have a very active and successful Appeals Committee who run several events through the year (e.g. the Fete and the Christmas Bazaar) in order to raise funds for the village.

The Committee was set up over 30 years ago to co-ordinate fund raising events for the benefit of the village. By representing the village’s interests as a whole, competition between individual group events is avoided. The distribution of the money raised by the Appeals Committee is voted upon by all villagers attending a meeting in March each year. All community projects are evaluated by villagers and the money raised the previous year is then allocated, so every one of us can benefit.

Each year a wide range of events are held, aimed to appeal to the whole community. These are reviewed and regularly changed with favourite events being repeated and new ones added. The emphasis of these events is to have fun as well as being a great way for us all to get together, whilst raising money for the village. Ideas for new events are always welcome.

We currently have vacancies on the Committee and would love you to come and join us, particularly if you have recently come to the village, to share your ideas and skills. It’s a great way to meet people and find out what’s going on.