Parish Council Minutes

Held in the Village Hall at 7.00pm on Thursday 12 May 2016.

Cllr S. McLean (chairman)
Cllr S. Milton (vice chairman)
Cllr L. Boon
Cllr S. Chambers
Cllr G. Dolman
Cllr K. Dove
Cllr A. White
Brian Chambers (Clerk)

Cllr Heather Smith
PCSO A. Pereira

Also in attendance
Cllr Helen Harrison – East Northants District Councillor
S. Trickett – AMCO Rail guest speaker
S. Humphreys – Network Rail guest speaker

1.  Introduction

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7:00 pm by outlining the purpose and thanking those present for their attendance.

2.  County Council Report from Cllr Heather Smith

Cllr Smith had tended her apologies for the meeting and due to time constraints had been unable to submit a written report. The Clerk had been asked to communicate any matters arising pertinent to the County Council to Cllr Smith.

3.  District Council Report from Cllr Helen Harrison

Cllr Helen Harrison described an interesting and busy first year in office, she went on to describe two key items of business that would impact upon Harringworth.

The District Council is currently negotiating a new refuse collection contract to come into place in 2017. The new contract is expected to require a 10% increase in the current level of expenditure and it is anticipated that a new supplier may be appointed. ENDC Planning department are close to adoption of the core strategy and will then move on to part 2 plans that will focus on an East Northants wide scope. Cllr Harrison stressed the importance of Parish Councils developing their own neighbourhood plans with smaller Councils grouping together where combined interests could be better served. Cllr Harrison undertook to supply a planning department contact to provide guidance on neighbourhood plans.

Forest Holidays plans for Fineshade Wood had been rejected but a resubmission is expected. Forest Holidays have employed a private PR company to prepare for the forthcoming submission.

4.  Harringworth Viaduct Repairs
AMCO Rail/Network Rail

Shaun Trickett of AMCOrail gave a very interesting slide presentation of the current repair work taking place to the Harringworth viaduct and of the proposed strengthening plans to be implemented in the near future (next 5 years).

The current brickwork repairs are likely to be completed at the end of July with 36 of the 82 arches having already been completed. There will be pre-strengthening works to be undertaken from July through to March 2017. The roadways that have been established will remain in place until the proposed strengthening works have been completed.

Shaun confirmed that the project will stand down and the scissor lifts will be removed from the viaduct for the two planned dates when the Flying Scotsman will cross the viaduct.

It was agreed that an opportunity for villagers to walk across the viaduct structure would be arranged for a Sunday later in 2016. This will require liaison with David Rose of Network Rail to comply with the necessary safety regulations.

5.  Police Report

PCSO Artur Pereira had sent his apologies for non attendance which was due to a Police training exercise that was taking place. Nadia Norman had supplied a report which requested that villagers be advised to ensure that all properties / outhouses / sheds/ farm buildings be kept locked and secure at all times even when people are at home. There is an increase in thefts from buildings that have been left insecure with opportunist offenders looking for easy targets in villages.

4. Questions from the public regarding County, District or Parish matters

There were no members of the public in attendance and so no questions were raised.

There being no further questions, the meeting closed at 7:50 pm