Harringworth’s History Treasure Hunt for Children

Join us for a fun Treasure Hunt designed especially for children around the beautiful village of Harringworth. To coincide with the Harringworth History Event, the Treasure Hunt will guide families around a few of the historical sites of the village – you never know, you might learn something!

Follow the clues and you’ll discover an ancient burial ground, get up close and personal with a roman coffin, learn about what happened in Harringworth during WW2 and hear about life in the village through the centuries.

It costs £2 per small Treasure Hunter (adults are free) and you’ll be rewarded with some treasure and certificate at the end. The Hunt should take approx 90 minutes to complete. Come along to the Village Hall on Saturday 10th June from 10am-12pm and then from 1.30pm-6pm to enter. Afternoon Tea is available in the Village Hall that afternoon.

You can complete the Treasure Hunt outside of those times anytime over that weekend, contact Eve Sharp for more information – email eviecoops@hotmail.com or complete the form below:

Harringworth Children’s HISTORY TREASURE HUNT



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