Archaeology dig

The attached report, prepared by Northampton Archaeology, is an archaeological evaluation on land at Seaton Road, Harringworth, that uncovered evidence of Anglo-Saxon graves dating between the 7th and 11th centuries.

The report summary is given below but you can download the full report by clicking this link.


An archaeological evaluation was undertaken by Northamptonshire Archaeology on land at Church Farm, Seaton Road, Harringworth. Two of the three trenches excavated produced definite archaeological evidence, the third was inconclusive. The graves were aligned west to east and were laid out in six rows, aligned north to south, although it is likely that more are present. Where observed, the individuals had been buried in a supine position with their heads to the west. Investigation of the graves was confined to establishing their extent and positioning.

It is likely that the graves contain Anglo-Saxon Christians, dating between the 7th and 11th centuries. The original cemetery covered an area at least 47m by 30m and is likely to have contained a minimum of one thousand individuals, and possibly significantly more. A single late Saxon gully and a large 12th century rubbish pit were the only other features encountered within the evaluation, the pit truncated several graves and provides the terminus ante quem for the disuse of the cemetery.

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